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Tank Painting

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Based on your tank contents, Mike will provide you with the best coating system to maximize the longevity of your investment. Surface rust, black tar, and other surface problems must be removed prior to any paint coating.

To remove these problems, Mike will sand-blast or hydro-blast the tanks to properly abrade the surface. Once the metal substrate has been cleared of all surface contaminants and reduced to a consistent surface, Mike will use an excellent prime and protective paint to finish the structure.

Sherwin-Williams carries excellent rust-inhibiting, solvent-based metal primers. Click the following links of each primer to find out more information about them:

Once primed, depending on your price and longevity needs, Mike Costello Painting has an arsenal of protective finishes to choose from. Generally, new water-based acrylics & urethanes offer superior protective qualities while maintaining color and gloss retention; two qualities that solvent-based products could not provide.

  • DTM Acrylic: A 100% water-based acrylic topcoat, offering excellent chemical resistance, gloss and color retention.

  • Hydrogloss Single Component Waterbased Urethane: High performance, acrylic/polyester urethane that provides excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance, and excellent UV resistance.

  • Sher-cryl HPA: Ambient-cured, acrylic coating comparable to high performance solvent-based products offering excellent chemical resistance, superior gloss and color retention, and flash-rust resistance.

With proper preparation and an excellent coatings system, Mike is proud to put his number in your phone in case there is any failure or problems. If you have a tank that is ready to be painting, please don’t hesitate to call Mike today!

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